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The 44th Air Wing is a collaborated joint Air Force made up of aircraft located at two air stations, both within 30 kilometers of the Kerbal Space Center. The two stations are the Val Air Force Base, located on the "Large Island" A couple dozen kilometers from the center, and the other is the KSS Blockade, located around 8 kilometers from the KSC runway.


A KX-6 Yellowjacket on the deck of the Blockade.

The aircraft are multiple different variants from many users, including fighters, personnel carriers, and even some full fledged transports.

This air wing is mostly an experiment in making communal air forces, but it is also there to supposedly "protect" such a space program. These aircraft will remain at the base for as long as they need too be there for.

As of now, no other Air Wings exist in the game.


Aerial view of the KSS Blockade

Aircraft of the 44th. Edit

There are four aircraft part of this and many more are yet to come:

  1. Antonov An-225 Mriya
  2. F-16
  3. Light Transport
  4. Airbourne Communications Relay.

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